Line-up 1992

Threnody was never very successful to stick to the same drummer. Starting with demo “Ode to the Lamented” (1990) Marc van Bel was first, soon to be followed by John Mutters on both the demo “Profanation” (1992) and the debut album “As the heavens fall” (1993). Marcel Gootjes was the drummer on the 1994 European tour followed by Richard van Leeuwen. Richard only stayed for “Bewildering Thoughts”(1995).

With Ernst van Ee Threnody managed to make two albums: Threnody (1997) and Control (2005). Bonus to all the changes was that we were lucky enough to work with some of the best drummers around, all with their unique qualities. As we also had some guitar line-up changes it was actually only the demo “Profanation” (1992) and the debut album “As the heavens fall” (1993) that was made by the same line-up…

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